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Garlic onion cheese


The Ruurhoeve - High pay
Producer of award-winning cheese since 1981.

Perfect for on bread, a snack board or in a salad.

Product description
The garlic-onion cheese is made with a golden combination of fresh garlic and onion. The traditional preparation makes the taste of this cheese so rich, powerful and unique. All flavor properties of the milk are retained. The preparation of this cheese is largely manual work. Dedication, feeling for cheese and very clean work are necessary to obtain tasty cheese.

Cheese farm De Ruurhoeve
De Ruurhoeve cheese farm is a family business that has been making cheese in the traditional way for four generations. We work with respect for our environment and an eye for the well-being of people, animals and the environment. Fair cheese starts with good fertile soil for the feed and a pleasant living environment for our cows and calves. The entire production process is organized within our own company and can be viewed in all transparency at our farm. We grow the feed for our animals ourselves, so we also know what is ultimately in the cheese. In this way we can be sure that we deliver a pure and ecologically responsible product.