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Buffalo milk

Fles: 500 ml

De Stoerderij - Son & amp; Breugel
Producer of buffalo milk products according to the core values of neat brand.

Perfect as a replacement for cow's milk.

Product description
Buffalo milk has a unique composition compared to other milks from cows, goats, sheep, horses and camels. The milk of a water buffalo is very creamy with a fat percentage of 8 to 10 percent. Cow's milk contains an average of only 4.2 percent fat. The protein and calcium content is also higher in buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is therefore very nutritious milk. Due to the high levels of fat and protein, the products made from buffalo milk are really different from the other milks. Most people with a cow's milk allergy and / or lactose intolerance can tolerate buffalo milk.

De Stoerderij
De Stoerderij is a farm with very tough water buffalos. The family herd currently counts 80 water buffaloes and they walk all year round outside in various pastures in Son en Breugel, near Eindhoven. At De Stoerderij, the water buffalos are milked and kept for meat. At De Stoerderij, they work according to the five core values of the Neat brand, which are: family herd of calves with the mother, year-round pasture, maximum grass-fed, no artificial fertilizers and pesticides and very little use of antibiotics. No beautiful stories, but text and explanations, photos and detailed figures. This way everyone can see what really happens on the farm.j.

Buffalo milk is famous for the traditional Italian buffalo mozzarella. We also process our buffalo milk into yogurt, ice cream, paneer, hard cheese and butter.