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About us

Local Food was created because we, like many other entrepreneurs, were hit extremely hard by the consequences of COVID-19. Fortunately, from our experience in the hospitality industry, we are used to being able to switch quickly.

In the old normal, we were all active as a caterer and freelance chef. When we realized that the virus would be among us for a longer period of time, we started buying up local surpluses. We initially processed these into ready-to-eat lunches and meals..

After many positive reactions we got more and more questions such as; can you also take a liter of delicious buffalo yogurt with you in addition to the meals or we currently work from home, you could not take the products with you so that we can cook ourselves.

These reactions and our vision to help as many local heroes as possible was the reason to open this easy-to-use webshop in addition to our catering, in which you can easily order products directly from our local farmers. We pick it up in the morning and deliver it fresh to your home. From farm to fork within 12 hours!

Enjoy the best that our region has to offer!